Co-creational preformance art

Everyone is breathing

We all share the air around us, inside us.

How can this invisible community become visible?

What is the shape of breath?

With an Expression of Breath in our hands, how do we experience this shared and unseen?

We call the glass sculpture Expression of Breath. The unique form captures the dialogue between the person blowing into a gather of glass and the glass's response to that breath. The glass's rapid transition from liquid and hot to cold and hard glass makes it possible to preserve this moment.

Performance instruction:
Open the box
Bring the glass sculpture out of the gallery
Explore the Expression of Breath
Bring it back


Q: What should I do?

A: You follow the instructions for the performance. If you need more inspiration to complete your performance, you can listen to the audioguides (see below). Use your own headphones. Your contribution will be part of the long-durational performance work Lend a Breath.

Q: How long will my performance be?

A: We recommend to calculate a minimum of 30 minutes, but you decide for yourself whether it should last a few minutes or several hours.

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Lend a Breath - series 2 is part of the group exhibition Careful at Hå gamle prestegård, in Norway, the 10th of June - 3rd of September 2023. 

The art work is previous exhibited at the European Glass Context, Bornholm, 11th of September - 22nd of November 2021.  https://www.europeanglasscontext.com/EGC2021-Exhibitions 

Supported by Hå gamle prestegård, NLA University College and Frantzsen Mjanger DA.