Q: How long will my performance be?

A: We recommend to calculate a minimum of 30 minutes, but you decide for yourself whether it should last a few minutes or several hours.

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Instruction for the performance Lend a Breath:

Bring a box out of the museum.

Explore the Expression of Breath.

Return it.

The audio guides gives some suggestions of how to explore the glass sculpture Expressions of Breath. In our investigations we have experienced that it is by using time we get new insights. We encourage you to commit a bit of your time to this performance. When you have listened to one or more of the instructions you may turn your cell phone to silent mode before starting.

Everyone is breathing

We all share the air around us, inside us.

How can this invisible community become visible?

What is the shape of breath?

With an Expression of Breath in our hands, how do we experience this shared and unseen?

The art work is exhibited at the European Glass Context, Bornholm, 11th of September - 22nd of November 2021.  https://www.europeanglasscontext.com/EGC2021-Exhibitions 

Supported by Norwegian Crafts, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NLA University College