Q: What do I do with the box during my performance?

A: It is convenient to have a place to store the box while you walk - in a backpack, a car or with a friend who is waiting. The box can also be left with the top open on Lend a Breath's location in the exhibition.

Q: Can I take the box / glass form out of the museum without registering it?

Yes. We trust you.

Q: Where should I do my performance?

A: You choose a place within walking distance to the gallery or another place on Bornholm.

Q: When do I have to return it?

A: When you are done. We would like you to return the box during the opening hours on the same day as you borrow it.

Q: Where should I deliver the box?

A: In the exhibition at the same place as you found it. You do not need to register the return of the box.

Q: What is performance art?

A: In visual art, performance art is a work of art that takes place in time and space, and the expression often alternates between different art forms. The key is physical actions by the artists and / or co-creative audiences. No fictional world is created, but the real events that take place on the site are the work of art itself.

Q: If I feel like it, where do I share my experience with you? 

A: Please use #lanepust or #lånepust on Instagram, send us a message @frantzsenmjanger or email us at frantzsenmjanger@gmail.com.