Lend a Breath / series 2 is a durational performance work carried out by the audience as our co-creators. By borrowing a performance kit at the gallery, they do their solo performances at a self-chosen time and place, with or without an audience. 

The performance kit consists of a glass sculpture Expression of Breath, a notebook, cleaning cloth and a QR code to audio guides.

Everyone is breathing.

This everything around us - inside us.

How do we experience this shared and unseen?

How can this invisible community become visible?

What is the shape of breath?

Photo: From the exhibition European Glass Context 2021 at Grønbechs Gård



Co-creational artwork for loan.

A performance with a glass object and instructions, carried out by the lender at their chosen time and place.

To participate, please bring a box outside the museum, engage and return it.

More information inside the box.