May 21st - August 8th 2022: Låne pust #14825 (Lend a Breath), "I & We", group exhibition of Norwegian glass, S12 Workshop and Gallery, Bergen, Norway. https://www.s12.no/en/exhibition/i-we-2/ 

8th - 10th of June:  "(IN)VISSIBLE COMMUNITY", co-creational outdoor performance and "Performance art in symbolic buildings/sites", a visual documention of at performance at Storetveit Church in October 2020. Presented at the symposium Arts in Action - Urgencies in Art and Art Education, University of Agder, Norway.


Lend a Breath- Series 1, Bergen Public Library, March 2021 - June 2022.

Photo (over): Lend a Breath, illustration by Frantzsen&Mjanger