Frantzsen&Mjanger was established in January 2017 and consists of Maria Almås Frantzsen, visual art with a focus on glass and Ruth Hol Mjanger, drama / theater.

We met for the first time in the autumn of 2016 and before the new year arrived we had decided to work together! It is rare to find someone who understands one's artistic visions and language immediately and wants to go towards what one does not yet know, together. It happened when we met. We have different professional backgrounds, but common goals for exploring and challenging the traditional studio oriented approach to craft in encounters between glass and performative actions. We work process-oriented and involves the audience in co-creation of the artworks. 

Our debut was at the Annual craft exhibition in 2017 and in 2019 we were awarded the Norwegian Craft prize for the piece "Holding Breath" at the Annual craft exhibition. Internationally we have presented our work at Glass Art Societys Virtual Conference 2020 and at Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival 2021.

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Maria Almås Frantzsen

Frantzsen received her Bachelor's and Master's degree in art with specialization in glass from Edinburgh College of Art. Her work develops around human encounters as well as emotional and physical experiences and is presented in the permanent collection of KODE in Bergen and Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum. She is affiliated with S12 Gallery and Studio in Bergen and has been responsible for their educational program since 2012.

Ruth Hol Mjanger 

Mjanger holds a master in drama from Bergen University College. In 2015, she qualified as an associate professor focusing at the three-folded competence of being an artist, teacher and researcher. Thematically there is considerable variation in Mjanger's work. Through art-based research and as a reflective practitioner, she investigate new approaches and methods in the borderline between art and applied science. Her artistic work is interdisciplinary and explores the connections between body, space, identity and existential questions.